Cimagine has developed the most solid augmented reality (AR) engine available today. Our patent-pending markerless technology automatically scans and identifies surfaces in scenes captured by your customer’s mobile or wearable device camera and overlays life-like 3D images of products onto real-time video.


Intuitive Augmented Experience

Cimagine brings intuitive AR to commerce and to enterprise through a markerless solution that is launched at the click of a button. Unlike other solutions, Cimagine’s AR engine does not require the user to print and place a reference marker in order to identify surfaces and estimate scale. By combining information from a mobile device’s internal sensors with deep image processing and applying unique computer vision algorithms, Cimagine embeds 3D objects realistically into live video scenes, anchoring them to their position. Virtual products do not drift while the user moves around a room, thereby allowing users to view items from all angles and distances in order to make informed buying decisions.


Life-Like Visualization

Cimagine’s proprietary rendering engine supports a high poly-count of 3D assets with textures that are ten times higher than the industry standard. This allows customers to experience life-like 3D product representations that are rendered in real-time at 30fps, the industry’s highest live video rate. Products appear life-like and to scale, so customers can simply and easily see if items fit their homes and offices from different angles and perspectives.


Fast Rollout

Cimagine is cloud-based and our service is delivered as a SaaS solution. Our cloud servers store all product and customer content and business data to ensure that users have a seamless experience that augments every retailer and brand’s digital catalog. A lightweight viewer app is installed once per end-user device as a 3D AR plug-in that serves all our customers. The viewer can be integrated into e-commerce and m-commerce sites and apps within hours. One embedded line of code to adds a customizable ‘visualization’ button to your product pages. In-store, a simple scan of the product links it to your digital catalogue which then allows your customers to experience it in their homes and share it on social media,