Cimagine offers brands, retailers and manufacturers a visualization platform that can augment existing sales tools and improve sales efficiency. Add a “WOW factor” to your sales pitch by allowing your customers to visualize your products in their spaces.

Increase sales and avoid repeated customer visits by using Cimagine’s life-like visualization tools.  Instead of relying on a sales pitch, make your customers active partners and let them try out various products, colors and designs in their own space. To streamline your job, Cimagine can be integrated with CRM and invoicing software, and can share product placement visualizations with implementers so they know how and where to install the solutions your customer needs.



The cimagine_coca-cola Success Story

Coca-Cola frequently sends teams to customer premises to sell vending machine, fridges, stands and signs, verbally and sometimes with the aid of photographs. However, this form of sales requires repeat visits, lengthy pitches and wordy descriptions.

Our collaboration with Coca-Cola began when Cimagine joined The Bridge by Coca-Cola, a unique commercialization program for innovative start-ups. Coca-Cola made the decision to augment its traditional sales using Cimagine’s unique visualization platform, and since then, has reported a massive 20% increase in sales of coolers and fridges, and a decrease in sales visits from 3 to 1. They now boast 92 percent conversion rates on all sales using Cimagine software.

The sales reps using the technology also experienced a 20% boost in sales of coolers and equipment overall, with 92% success of a sale when using the technology to engage a customer.



Gabby Czertok
the Bridge by Coca Cola






Cimagine’s intuitive visualization platform personalizes your customer’s shopping experience and accompanies them throughout their journey, dramatically increasing their confidence and allowing you to increase sales both online and in store.In fact, Cimagine’s augmented commerce takes your omni-channel strategy from theory to action.

Cimagine’s technology is completely markerless, has resolution that is ten times higher than the industry standard and can be integrated into your existing digital commerce solutions within hours. With a simple click of a button on their smartphone or tablet, your customers can scan any environment and try out the products they are interested in without leaving their home.

In store, Cimagine creates an engaging digital experience by allowing customers to try out items on saved images of their home or office that are stored on Cimagine’s scene gallery. While customers are in your store, they can virtually try unlimited products, positioning, colors and designs, and even share scenes with their family and friends for immediate social proof, allowing you to sell your products faster.



The  cimagine_shop-direct  Success Story

Shop Direct is the UK’s 4th largest online retailerfaced were those faced a common digital retail challenge: finding innovative solutions to create a differentiated digital shopping experience that brings value to customers. Overcoming this challenge led to increased customer engagement, enhanced conversion rates and increased online sales.

Shop Direct rolled out the Cimagine viewer across the Littlewoods brand in the UK. Using our technology, shoppers can now easily view thousands of Littlewoods items in their homes and offices. Users can browse, visualize and experience furniture in their homes and offices at the click of a button.

“Cimagine is Shop Direct’s biggest find so far… makes it much easier for customers to visualize what they are purchasing, which leads to increased purchases, a differentiated shopping experience, that eliminates a major barrier in ecommerce sales.”



Jonathan Wall
Ecommerce Director






Cimagine adds an endless augmented showroom to your store and allows shoppers to instantly view products in any design or color onsite.

Limited store space means that customers often find that the product they want unavailable. Cimagine, solves this problem and easily   guides customers to your unlimited virtual showroom providing them with a unique augmented reality experience. Sales representatives can even email products to customers or to their friends and family so that items can be easily visualized in a home or office environment. The augmented showroom is another tool that allows you to execute your omni-channel strategy.



The cimagine_john-lewis Success Story

Cimagine partnered with John Lewis, the largest department store chain in the UK, and launched the world’s first augmented reality showroom in the John Lewis flagship store on Oxford Street. Cimagine is currently available in John Lewis in Cambridge.

Cimagine’s partnership with John Lewis allows their customers to view life-like visualizations of products that are not available on-site rather than relying on catalog photos and descriptions.

“Central to this is our new partnership with Cimagine. It allows customers to visualize products in life-like 3D, rather than just on the pages of a catalogue; helping them to virtually ‘try’ an item before they buy it…This is just the first step in using a very exciting technology.”



Matt Hully
Head of Brand Innovation, John Lewis