Augmented reality to make shopping easier!

“One of the most challenging aspects of online shopping is imagining what the item will look like in-person–especially for physical items such as clothes or furniture. What if you could simply hold up your phone, tablet, or (in the future) smart glasses and see what the item would look like in your living room?

That is precisely the technology that Cimagine has developed. The company recently teamed up with U.K. online retailer Shop Direct and rolled out what it said was the largest proof-of-concept AR deployment ever.

Of course, AR technology has been promised for quite some time. But Cimagine is different since it doesn’t need any markers or codes to work. It can simply use the camera on your device to scan a room and create a realistic AR experience.

This means it is a much more flexible solution and is easier to implement for Cimagine’s partners. It also allows a more seamless experience for consumers–they just need a phone or a tablet with a camera and they can imagine the item in their own home. “

Ilya Pozin – for Inc.

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