Israeli startups, Jacqui Basil, Yoni Nevo, Nir Daube, Ozi Egri, Eyal Zack

Israel is known for it’s vibrant and innovative startup scene and we are proud to be part of it. Cimagine Media was chosen  by Walla! Tech, a leading Israeli online technology news site,  as one of six up and coming Israeli startups  on their way to worldwide success. Each of the companies mentioned are at different stages of the startup cycle  but all have already made an impact in their fields. In this article, the founders of the different companies speak about what inspired them to start their companies and they also offer advice to other younger startups.

גאווה לאומית: הסטארטאפים הישראליים שכובשים את העולם

National Pride: Israeli startups on their way to worldwide success.