Cimagine augmented reality for Jerome's Furniture to increase e-commerce sales

The recent launch of Cimagine’s augmented reality solution for Jeromes has led to higher conversion rates to e-commerce sales, more engaged customers and has proven to drive more traffic to the physical stores.

“Cimagine …….lets mobile device users virtually decorate, by using the camera lens of their mobile devices to place 3D versions of products in their rooms and see them from all angles before they buy. Jerome’s soft launched the program with “See it in your home” tabs on certain product pages in late May. Since then, it has seen a 65% conversion to e-commerce sales for consumers using the app vs. those who do not.And the increased time they’re spending on the website is through the roof — nearly quadrupling to 15 minutes for the app users vs. four minutes for other Web visitors……”

Scott Perry, VP of Digital Jerome’s Furniture

Read more @Furniture Today September 19, 2016