Augmented Reality is no longer just a buzzword but recognized as a real tool serving the needs of both retailers and their consumers. The central point in the use of augmented reality is consumer engagement with the ultimate goal being increased sales both online and offline. However, consumer engagement should be understood as a greater process of building meaningful on-going relationships with customers. Social media channels help create and maintain these relationships.  So how does augmented reality meet social media?

Emotional Connection

AR creates an emotional connection between the customer and a product, in our case, a piece of furniture  or household product. The product becomes personal when consumers can picture it in their own environment rather than in the artificial environment of a store or the static pages of catalog. That strong personal feeling would urge the customer to share the experience because it becomes the customer’s own personal story.

Conversation Accelerator

When a customer takes a picture of the product in our case a piece of furniture  in their own environment and shares it across social media channels, the customer is essentially making a declarative statement or asking a for a pointed opinion. It starts a conversation about the product. Good conversations create brand advocates and brand ambassadors


Conversations weave communities together. By talking to each other, sharing opinions, forming perspectives online through social media channels, customers build a community around a product or brand. This leads to brand loyalty and repeat engagement.