transform retailStores magazine recently ran an article discussing how retail is being transformed by augmented reality and virtual reality. Cimagine’s CEO and co-founder,Mr. Yoni Nevo explained that augmented reality

“is adding a layer of the virtual realm to your reality, immediately delivering an enhanced experience that provides unprecedented value….It can give the consumer contextual information, showing products before purchase, and in doing so, enabling the consumer to have confidence to make a more informed decision to buy faster. … The ability to add the virtual layer to a user’s reality simply provides significant value to brands, retailers and manufacturers.”

In addition, Nevo gave the example of a current use case of AR in the ‘endless showroom’ in John Lewis which has added tremendous value to the shopping experience at John Lewis,

“This is really aimed at selling more…..You’re able to see all the varieties, the colors and the fabric — and everything is in stock virtually all the time.”

Nevo predicts that,

“….. in a few years, AR could be incorporated into nearly every physical experience,….Everything is going to be faster and easier. For instance, at Cimagine we have already developed the ability to incorporate the technology of AR with the ability to create 3D content, saving significant amounts of time and money for our clients.”

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