It is no secret that a lot of the amazing technology coming out of Israel was initiated in the army and defense industries. Much has been made about military units such as Unit 8200  which deals with army signals intelligence  and has produced graduates who have gone on to found some of the most successful Israeli hi-tech companies likeCheckpoint Software Technologies, pioneer in the cyber-security field. Many former military geeks have directed their tech expertise to commercial uses not only in defence and military industries but also for more friendly purposes. For example, Mirabilis developed and popularized ICQ, a one to one instant messaging platform.  More recent examples would be Taboola, a leading  content distribution and discovery platform, whose founders are graduates of an elite, Israeli army  technology unit.

Markerless Augmented Reality for home décor

Cimagine’s technology which has been developed in-house is based on computer vision and image processing expertise that is also needed when developing certain functionalities that can be found in defense systems such as Iron Dome. Most of our engineering team were former employees at Rafael, a military defense company. However, with broad vision, deep passion and a strong desire to create something new, Cimagine was formed. We are happy to use our tech to create better living and working spaces. We are delighted when we hear how our app removes some of the tension between couples, flatmates, members of families and co-workers when choosing home or office furnishing and products.


Traces of Israel’s Iron Dome Can Be Found in Tech Startups

“The Israeli-engineered Iron Dome is a complex tapestry of machinery, software and computer algorithms capable of intercepting and destroying rockets midair. An offshoot of the missile-defense technology can also be used to sell you furniture.”