Cimagine, a tech company that has developed an AR platform for retailers, numbers and John Lewis among its clients.

Its software takes images of the retailer’s digital product catalogue and superimposes them onto whatever your phone or tablet camera is looking at.

“Our software scans the room 60 times a second and keeps the virtual objects anchored to their positions,” says chief executive and founder Yoni Nevo. “And our tracking and rendering engine makes products very lifelike – it’s like they’re actually there in the room.”

As well as helping consumers visualise what products might look like in various places in their homes, Cimagine is helping companies sell products to other businesses.

For example, Coca-Cola uses the software to show restaurants and cinemas what its drinks vending machines might look like in different positions.

“Now they can close a deal after just one visit rather than three,” says Mr Nevo.

Source – BBC News / BBC Business / – © [2016] BBC


Cimagine continues to be recognised as the Augmented Reality platform of choice for retailers and brands.