Selecting furniture is not a trivial matter when it comes to decorating a home or an office. However, choosing the right flooring is perhaps the biggest decorating challenge even for the most spatial or visually inclined. While it is relatively easy to replace a piece of furniture, it is much more difficult in terms of cost and manpower to remove and replace flooring. Therefore being able to visualize how tiles, carpets or hard floors would look in a home, office or shop is helpful. The ability to visualize flooring is an essential step for the buyer or home decorator before they actually progress to touching and feeling the flooring options in a brick and mortar store.

Cimagine’s augmented reality flooring solution also allows a retailer to showcase an endless aisle of augmented flooring right on the floor itself. Rather than offering mere swatches of carpet or tile samples, a retailer can display a whole range of flooring options over an entire floor. 

 Augmented reality enables better purchasing decisions by reducing guesswork and costly errors when it comes to decorating. 

BBC Click highlighted Cimagine’s augmented flooring solution which will soon be available in stores. 

Remember walking into a carpet or tile retailer and being urggh lost. Instead of just stroking the nearest carpet mat or flicking through a horizontal music poster style rack of tiles, why not check out an endless aisle of augmented flooring actually on the floor in context of some real furnishings. This is a great place to start to get some inspiration on flooring visuals before going to touch and feel !